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We enable you to find cool ideas and hack your own projects into reality. Get to know like-minded people and enjoy working together for a weekend in the Berlin Startup-Vibe.
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every enrolled student


  1. All of your source code
  2. prototypes, mockups, designs, etc.


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Philipp Adamidis

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Boas Bamberger

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Andrea Egbringhoff

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Ayush Sharma

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Claudio Weck

Judging Criteria

  • Working MVP
    Does the team have a finished product? Are they able to show a prototype of the product?
  • Presentation
    Is the team communicating the problem and solution well during the expo? Did they prepare a presentation? Did you understand the product? How does the booth look?
  • Choice of Technology
    Makes the choosen programming language/ technology sense to implement the idea?
  • Creativity
    Is it a new approach for a already solved problem? This the idea completely new? How creative is the solution?
  • Problem Solving Approach
    Does the product solve an actual problem?
  • Impact
    Does it make a difference to the user’s everyday life? Is the product scalable?